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40 Watts

I just received one the best little books ever made by an indie publisher in the mail today:

40 Watts by C.D. Wright (Octopus Books) 111 out of 200
Hand-bound, hand-sewn, letter-pressed black on grey/mint-green hard covers.

It’s freakin’ gorgeous!


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and you have not received your purchase – please email me immediately.  It seems a batch of orders I mailed out a couple of weeks ago have not reached a few customers and I’m worried since they are all originating from the same batch.

I’ll have to hurt someone over at the post office.  I assure you, this is the last thing I need.

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blah blah blah

a.) It just donned on me that I never sought help for my endometriosis when I was younger and suffering symptoms because I didn’t want to look like a cry baby when I had really painful menstrual cycles.  Totally absurd when I think back since they were so painful I used to have to stay home from school, throwing up and almost passing out.  This mode of thinking was also evident when I refused an epidural with the birth of my daughter until almost 48 hours into labor when my doctor basically forced me to have one.  Where does this super-woman mentality come from?

b.) I’m over politics.  We are owned.  What’s the fucking point?

c.)  I think I’d like to start working towards seriously advocating for the legalization of marijuana and the decriminalization of all illegal drugs in this country.  To me, that’s a worthy cause and one in which I would really enjoy being involved.  Did I just negate the previous point b?

d.) Jason Fraley, you know I heart you.

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With one decision, Supreme Court changes the face of American politics. Court rules 5-4 to allow corporations to spend freely on campaign ads.

Someone on FB started a conversation regarding this ruling. Everyone, of course, in an uproar.  What got me, though, was that someone actually had the gall to compare this specific ruling to Roe V. Wade being overturned.

I had to refrain from wanting to cyberslap her.

First of all, corporations owning us is not something new. Corporations simply created committees to funnel funds.  The insurance companies own us.  Big pharma owns us.  They all own us.  Beyond that, the fact that these corporations contribute to campaign ads is also not something new – but the bigger issue is – we, as dumb fucking Americans, believe the purchased rhetoric. So let’s ask ourselves – who’s really at fault?  Do we, or do we not have the choice in listening to that rhetoric?

Secondly, I want someone to explain to me what “human right” has been taken away from us with this specific ruling, as these people who have commented on this issue would have you believe?  I think it totally inappropriate to use that sentiment when the LGBT community continues to fight daily for their most basic human rights.  And where is the foundation for that accusation, anyway?  What human right has been taken away, exactly?

The power of the Supreme Court seems to be causing major grief to these people, now.  I said “now” – specifically/exactly.  Why? Why now?  Where the fuck have you been?  To cry “end of the world” at this moment in time, because of this specific ruling,  seems superfluous, no? Seems silly, no? Seems like you don’t really have grip on things, no?

To compare this ruling to Roe V. Wade being overturned makes you look like you don’t have a coherent thought in your head.  And it’s fucking insulting, you dumb-ass.

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If you don’t know

you better get with it:

I’m talking Keurig. K cups. I’m talking  just  three minutes and I have coffee that tastes like I ordered it from a pretentious barista. The Keurig has changed my life. (apparently it doesn’t take much) Seriously – you could have a debilitating learning disability and still be able to work this machine.  To quote my daughter: “it’s magic”.

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I have to keep reminding myself what day it is –  everyday.  I miss posting my Friday poems but just don’t have the time, these days.  I wish my blog were more about poetry than random shit.  My husband left early yesterday morning for a business trip and I already miss him.  Don’t get me wrong – I like having a day or two to myself, but there is a broken connection when he’s gone.  That’s probably unhealthy but at least it’s honest.

The sky is gray and not metaphorically, although it’s applicable.

By the way – if you have not seen Fantastic Mr. Fox yet, you must do so immediately.   Did you know that you can stream movies from your computer to your Xbox using a program called tversity?  It’s like having your own On Demand.  Did you know that you can watch movies and television shows by downloading files from a website called Pirate’s Bay?  I mean, I don’t do it because it’s illegal and I don’t participate in illegal activities – I’m just sayin’.

Here are some pictures.

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is now live with three poems by Roberta Feins.

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