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What in christ’s name is up with everyone having an “invite only” blog???  Half of my list now restricts me from reading some of my favorite blogs because I did not get invited to the party.  How short does my skirt have to be in order for me to enter the club??!!!



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So Much Silence

I hate that I haven’t been a good blogger lately.  Not only is my laptop broken due to a crazed wire that connects the lcd to my keyboard but I have another ruptured ovarian cyst.  This is the second ruptured cyst in two months.  I’ve never had a ruptured cyst my entire life and now, out of the blue, I’m getting them consecutively.  They are extremely painful and I’ve been on a regimen of Vicoden  for 2 months.  I’m to the point where the Vicoden is starting to make me nauseous and my day revolves around me sitting on the couch with my heating pad as if it were my lover, making me feel all warm and good inside.  The shitty thing is – I can’t sit with my heating pad on the couch all day WITH MY LAPTOP, which would be, you know, FUCKING IDEAL – but the laptop is broken and so it fucking goes.

My OB/GYN has no answers.  Are you surprised? I’m not. You should all know by now that any illness I have is completely unexplainable.  I do have options, however.  I can start taking oral contraceptives, for example.  It’s too bad that every single oral contraceptive I’ve ever taken pushes me into a hysterical hole of madness in which I can only cry my way out of, if I’m lucky.  My other option is to undergo an oophorectomy.  For all of you unfamiliar with the double o, OH, it means this: women younger than 45 who have had their ovaries removed face a mortality risk 170% higher than women who have retained their ovaries. I could care less about not having my repoductive organs, I ain’t havin’ anymore kids.  But death? I’ll pass.

So, I’ve decided to see a naturopathic MD who specializes in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  It’s my only option.  And hey, you never know, this atheist just might end up a buddhist.

I’ll keep everyone updated on how the visit goes, I see him today at 3:15.  I’m already excited about the 1.5 hour first visit.  Here’s a big middle finger to the half -hour waiting room and 10 minute doctor visit.

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Barefoot and Listening by Margaret Bashaar.

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I’m so late on this and don’t know what I was thinking by not rushing out to the theater when it was first released, seeing as how I’m a huge Aronofsky fan. And in true Aronofsky fashion, your heart never (always) brakes (breaks) during the fast descent. A truly spectacular movie and is now on my list of all time favorites.

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Guess What?!

It’s a YES.  It’s a YES. It’s a YES.

309.81 will be published by Dancing Girl Press.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m the happiest girl on the planet right now.

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