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Slant’s 16th Dysfunctional Batch is now live with three poems by Rachel Contreni Flynn.


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Po Stuff

O.P.W. Fredericks has posted a wonderful review of my chapbook, Inside Bone There’s Always Marrow, to his blog: Fredericks’ Reflections.

Excerpt from the review: For me, a successful poem must tell a story so convincingly that I am transported to within its borders to feel, taste, and experience the events portrayed, as much as I must come to know the characters through the skill of the poet’s pen. Such were my travels into the world of four generations of a matriarchal bloodline created by Rachel Mallino.

Also, Weave Magazine has nominated my poem “The Arrow of Time” from their second issue, to Open Thread, who are presently putting together a collection of the best regional work to come out of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia between October 2008 and October 2009.


Happy Friday.  I’m making yummy egg salad for lunch and there is a roast in the slow cooker!!

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I think this state has something against me.  I’ve experienced the worst allergies since living here and I’m currently miserable with them.  Rag-weed. Pollen. Grass. The Devil’s Bush. Stone Wash. Milk Bone. Laced Ivy.  Just kidding.  I made most of that shit up.

I happened across a blog the other day that took note of two poems I read for Linebreak.  She said they were “well-read”, but in one of the poems I lost steam at the last line.  An interesting thing that is – having someone critique your reading skills.  I’ve never read in front of an audience, my only experience with reading poems to/for the public has been for Linebreak.  I hate the sound of my own my voice, but I do love reading for them.

Dear Joe Lieberman: suck it.

I’m half way through writing one poem.  The first in months.

Pass the tissues.

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