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Below is the list of presses and publishers I’ve been able to compile (with the help of some awesome poets), that do not charge reading fees for chapbook or full length manuscripts. Unfortunately, it is a short list in the scope of the poetry community. What is also obvious is the tendency to have free reading periods amongst those presses whose aesthetic leans more towards the post-avant or experimental. It seems those of us who write more linear/narrative poetry are stuck in a poetic time warp of some sort. I will be posting this list very shortly to the Tilt Press website and blog, where it will stay forever, (for-eva, eva?) yes. Short list or not – I think it’s important for poets to know that there ARE presses that read manuscripts for free. As important, I’m hoping that more people will support these presses by purchasing their books. I will do my best to keep the list updated on a continuing basis. I welcome anyone to email me at rachel@tiltpress.com if they wish to be added to the list.

Tilt Press (chaps/print)

Small Anchor Press (chaps/print)

Paper Kite Press (chaps/print)

Wyrd Tree Press (chaps/print)

Rope-a-Dope (chaps/print)

Shadowbox Press (chaps/print)

Beard of Bees (chaps/web)

ungovernable press (chaps/web)

Dusie (full length & chap/print)

Trainwreck Press (ditch) (chaps/print)

Gold Wake Press (chaps/web)

Dancing Girl Press (chaps/print)

the greying ghost press (chaps/print)

Scantily Clad Press (chaps/web)

Maverick Duck Press (chaps/print)

Taiga Press (chaps/print)

Blood Pudding Press (chaps/print)

blossombones (chaps/web)

BlazeVOX (full-length print & web)

WordTech (full-length print)

Red Mountain (chaps/print)

Ugly Duckling Presse (chaps & full-length/print)

Steel Toe Books (full-length/print)

Melville House Publishing (full-length/print)

Coconut (full-length & chap/print)

No Tell Books (full-length/print)

Magic Helicopter Press (chap/print & web)

The Cupboard (Prose chaps/print)

Les Figues Press (chap/print)

New Directions Publishing (full length/print)

Peresa Books (full length/print)

Red Morning Press (full length/print)

City Lights (full length/print)

Milkweed Editions (full length/print)

Black Ocean (full length/print)


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Just got word that Ouroboros Review has picked up four of my poems for their next issue.  *dances*

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for the record

my intention is never to be “mean” – (okay, maybe sometimes, but I assure you,  you’ll be certain of it)- mostly, I’m just passionate and sometimes  intense (at least, that’s what the boys always told me). ha.

The list is coming along- I’ve received quite a few emails with some good leads.  I’ll tell you though – it’s still lookin’ grim. Amy King emailed me to tell me that once the list is compiled, she’ll post it to her blog. I love that gal.

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I’ve decided

to turn my anger into something positive. I’m going to compile a list of presses that publish chapbooks and full length collections without charging a reading fee and publish this list on the Tilt Press blog and website as a quick resource for poets. I am going to divide the list into two groups:

1.) print presses
2.) web based presses (presses that publish books and chapbooks on the web)

I would love any help in collecting the names of presses that fall into these categories.

Off the top of my head, the following presses come to mind:

Dancing Girl Press (chap/print)
Maverick Duck Press (chap/print)
the greying ghost press (chap/print)
Taiga – Tundra Chapbook Series (chap/print)
Scantily Clad Press (chap/web)
Blood Pudding Press (chap/print)
Blossombones (chap/web)

If you know of other presses that don’t charge reading fees, feel free to add their names as a response to this post or you can always email me at rachel@tiltpress.com

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you’re kidding!

So, said press (see grumble post below) has already chosen their first chapbook to publish. Wow, that was pretty quick – what, a whole five days?!! I left a comment on the blog of said press asking why they have such astronomical reading fees because I’m really annoyed about it. I don’t know why this press, specifically, is getting under my skin. It’s not like they’re the only press with reading fees, I just find the entire thing suspicious which is based off of my damn good intuition.  Funny thing  –  I just found out that they are based out of Charlotte, as well. How cute. I hope I don’t run into them at the grocery store.

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playing house

Since moving to NC two years ago, I’ve been meaning to get Angelina signed up for sports or dance or something for her to do other than go to school during the week and play with the neighborhood kids. Lina does well in school – she brings home almost all A’s and she was awarded “Terrific Kid” in November, so we’ve gotten her into a good routine with regards to school but, because I’m all kinds of phobic, I’ve been putting off signing her up for any outside activities and I feel like a really bad parent because of it. Finally, this past weekend, I enrolled her in the town Soccer league which is scheduled to start its spring season in a few weeks. I’m freaking out a little (okay, a lot) because I have no idea what to expect. Like, for example, will I be able to sit away from most of the other parents during practice while not seeming strange. How am I going to handle attending her games, where I will need to participate as a cheering parent. Just the thought of dozens of parents sitting around talking about chicken and biscuit recipes makes me want to kill myself. The thought of having to answer ANY questions about myself, makes me want to avoid all eye contact and walk with my  head down so no one will think about talking to me. Not only do I have to muster up the courage to actually get out of the house (yes, I shamefully have problems leaving my house and rarely do), but now I’m forced to actually participate in a social activity with people I don’t know, at least twice a week. I refuse though, to let my dysfunctions affect Lina’s childhood anymore than they already do so I have to find a way to make this situation bearable. I have to figure out a way to be participatory and independent. I really don’t want to talk to anyone but I also don’t want to draw attention to myself. If I don’t talk to anyone and isolate myself, I bring attention to myself by not wanting interaction.

I have to figure out how to make myself normal. There’s not enough pills in my medicine cabinet.

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a stone's throw away
a stone’s throw away – by feelgoodlost on Polyvore.com

When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time in my room- as an only child and one with an abusive mother who constantly found excuses to punish me and therefore lock me in my room for weeks on end- I started to create things. This is when I came across poetry and fell in love with it immediately. This is also the time I started messing around with scissors and glue and tons of magazines. Or making mix tapes with the volume turned down to 1 so my mother couldn’t hear. Praise the pause button. Praise polyvore. Praise poetry.

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