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wait –

our nation runs on debt and not production.

I do not understand why, someone like me, would support a bail-out. I do not invest in the market. I understand that if we don’t offer a bail-out, then banks won’t be able to make loans (for various things) – but my reaction is: so what.

We, as a nation, manufacture next to nothing. Wait, we manufacture debt! We manufacture an “idea”: the idea that people can afford things that they can not. And then this idea corrupts everything it touches.


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1.) I come from a long line of liberals on both sides of my family. I’ve stated earlier that my dad was a hippie. If you’re picturing a guy who likes to wear tie-dyed Grateful Dead t-shirts, get that image out of your head now! Picture a guy who loves his Pittsburgh Steelers and whose glasses have a permanent tint so that it looks like he always has sunglasses on.
2.) Despite the liberal bastion that is called my family, I am married to a registered Republican. My husband is not a social conservative, but a fiscal one. He, however, is not voting for McCain – in fact, he is not voting at all this year because he doesn’t like either candidate.
3.) I was raised by Catholics to be a Catholic. I went to church every Sunday with my grandmother and sat in the front pew. By 18, I was a staunch Atheist.
4.) I am Pro-Choice. While I allow my dark humor to guide a lot of what I say, I’m very serious when I say that I would take up arms in order to protect my reproductive rights and those of my daughter.
5.) I strongly believe in the decriminalization of all illegal drugs. Not because I do them, but for a myriad of other reasons that I may blog about some time.
6.) I want socialized/national health care in this country. I want mental illnesses covered and treated just like any other disease. I’m biased, of course, because I have Complex PTSD.
7.) My mother is a public school English teacher with a Masters Degree. I do not support private school vouchers.
8.) My maternal grandfather was a cop; after that he worked at an art museum for 12 years. He served in WWII – he’s 92 and kicking. My paternal grandfather was a preacher – he, too, served in WWII.
9.) My maternal grandmother got cancer from smoking, she used to sell purses at the swap shop. My paternal grandmother worked at a sewing factory.
10.) My father worked in the steel mill.
11.) My maternal uncle was a Vietnam Vet.
12.) Addiction and mental illness runs deep in my family on both sides.
13.) I lived with my mother and my maternal grandparents until my grandmother died when I was 10.
14.) I used to work for a major corporation in the Human Resources Department. Now, I work from home running a small print press – and no, I don’t make any money doing so.

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*Warning – not for everyone!*

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I love Zooey.

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Interesting thing I’ve been noticing lately on the blogs I visit – extremely right wing people responding to blog posts – posts on blogs that are obviously very liberal – where poets and artists congregate for goodness sake! We are, as I see it, the most liberal people in the Country! And yet, these trolls stop by, post ridiculous right wing rhetoric and I can’t help but ask: why?

It’s like they’re seething at the bit for any type of rouse out of a liberal. The problem is that most of these delusional people, every one of them part of the Christian Cult, say the most outlandish statements so that all one can do is laugh directly in the face of their absurdities.

These people are not looking for a discussion, they are scared and grasping onto any little thing that might justify their hatred for the liberals in this country, so they infiltrate personal blogs and try to bait blog owners. It’s really a very sad state of reality, don’t you think? I mean, when you’re so desperate for attention as to purposely seek out a liberal blog and passively (or sometimes aggressively) attack the blog owner as a past-time, you need a straight jacket and lithium.

Or as my dear husband would say, you “need shot”.

And I’m inclined to agree.

Go revolution, go!

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Ohhh, F it…

Nader, ’08.

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My Morning Surprise

Elizabeth Kate Switaj wrote a review of ANTI, here. I don’t know Elizabeth which, for me (especially given my post yesterday), makes the review even sweeter.

It’s funny she mentions my titles. When I was workshopping the poems for the chap, the titles were brought to my attention, that they had no bearing on the poems. I freely admit that I’m horrible at choosing titles for my poems. If I could get away with it, I wouldn’t title a single poem of mine.

Anyway, thanks Elizabeth, you made my day!

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