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Silversun Pickups

December 2nd, 7:00 p.m.

I’m elated. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I think she’s the cutest girl ever.


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I watched 2 minutes of the debate last night on CNN before having to turn the channel so that my television didn’t get thrown through a window. I was lucky to have heard the recap on NPR this morning without having the visual which seems to enrage me more.

I’m completely convinced that we, as a nation, are fucking stupid.

We now have debates which are monopolized – this one by the Clinton campaign and CNN was happy to provide that platform to her. It was a gross display of the state of politics in this country. And the American people living in Nevada made me embarrassed to be an American. They booed and cheered as if they were watching a boxing match instead of what should have been an intellectual debate about what these candidates are going to do for US for our future and what they believe. To barely allow every candidate to speak – CNN should be ashamed of themselves. CNN has turned into the Jerry Springer of news organizations, with Anderson Cooper hosting “planet in peril” – I hear “DUN DUN DUN” as fear and terror continue to be the mode of communication which comes off as sensationalistic instead of informative.

But Americans love it. And they love a puppet show. And they fall in love with the best performing puppet, denying there’s anyone actually pulling the strings.

Ugh. I’m so disgusted.

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Wicked Alice

My poem is there, along with work by Sarah Sloat and other fine writers.

And, the chap manuscript made it to Kristy’s final round. Still no acceptance, but I’ve sent it to two places and both places liked the chap enough to take it to their final rounds. I have hope.

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Trick or Treat

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