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Music In My Mind

All Sparks, The Editors

his voice is amazing – and no fancy studio here to make him sound better.


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I know, I know, not another kittens-are-the-cutest-things-in-the-world-picture, but seriously – THEY ARE! This one and its mother, who is just a kitten herself, have adopted us as their caretakers. The mom started coming around when we first moved into the new house and in the beginning, I would shoo her away. But she was harmless and only wanted some food to eat since she was still nursing and lived at a house with numerous other cats who probably wouldn’t let her eat. She was scrawny and needed fed so we fed her. Not long after we started feeding her did she bring her kitten who now is a permanent fixture on our porch. Momma cat will, at times, wander off for a while but baby never leaves.

I’m worried, however, that momma will soon get pregnant again and since she’s not officially “our” cat I’m torn about taking her to get spayed. My gut tells me to just put her in the car and go do it. The house she comes from is dirty and there are at least five other cats living there. I was told by a neighbor that the city has come once already and taken cats from them because the cats weren’t being taken care of. I went down there once to talk to the people who lived at the house regarding their cats but no one was home. I worry that they will take my coming there as a confrontation when all I want to do is protect cats – momma needs spayed asap.

I’m happy to say that Wicked Alice has accepted my poem “We Ain’t No Miller and Nin” for their Fall issue due out in October. Hopefully, my poetic down-swing is shifting.

My handsome hubby who always looks this serious but rarely ever is.

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My husband works for Harlowe-Powell Auction Gallery in Charlottesville, VA, and on July 28th they will be auctioning off a grouping of Walt Whitman books, several of which are First Editions/First Print, and signed. Below is a formal description by Harlowe-Powell and pictures (click to enlarge). If anyone is interested in bidding on these books, feel free to email me or Harlowe-Powell directly. If you contact Harlowe-Powell directly, it is important to tell them that I sent you. Harlowe-Powell allows phone bidding. These books are being sold as one lot, meaning, you can not bid on one book alone, they must be sold together. They have estimated these books (the entire lot) to sell between, $6,500 – $8,500.

Official Description:

to include: “I Sit and Look 1932” one of one thousand, as new, DW; “Two Rivulets” 1876, signed by author, VG, repaired; three copies of “Democratic Vistas” first 1882-6, first British, all VG+ to fine; “Selected Poems”, 1892, G; “Leaves of Grass”, 1872, VG; two copies “Leaves of Grass, 1882, VG; three copies “Leaves of Grass”, 1892, G-fine; “Leaves of Grass”, 1860, VG; “Poems”, edited by Rosetti, first British edition; “Goodbye My Fancy”, 1891, VG+; “November Boughs”, 1888, G-; “An American Primer”, first edition, 1904, one of five hundred, Fine-; “in Re: Walt Whitman”, editor Traubel, 1893, number three hundred thirty six of one thousand, VG; “Walt Whitman’s Workshop”, 1964, Fine, DW; “Gathering of the Forces”, two volumes, as new, one of twelve hundred fifty.

Please spread the word!!!!!!!

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Magic 8 Ball

Eight things you might or might not know about me (tagged by Sarah):

1.) I married a younger man.

2.) I’ve written, at least, a thousand FULL poems in my head while falling asleep or just waking up, however I only have about 250 poems on paper.

3.) My mother attempted suicide when I was ten years old, and failed.

4.) I owned an 8 ball, once.

5.) My fingernails grow beautifully. So does my hair.

6.) When filling out paperwork for my daughter, I always lie and check the “white” box when asked about her race, even though her father is Puerto Rican. I don’t know why I do this.

7.) I’ve witnessed someone getting shot. I’ve also seen someone get knifed.

8.) I’ve had three recurring nightmares in my life: when I was a child, I used to dream of animated pigs bowling and I was the bowling ball, after I hit the pins, I would drop off into some black space like universe. After 9/11 I had several nightmares of planes crashing into buildings that I was in- the plane would always come in at the same angle and I was always looking at it from the same vantage point. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of nuclear war in which I don’t see the bomb drop but I see the cloud rolling in and I try to run from it – again, always from the same vantage point.

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