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I officially withdrew three poems from the journal that wouldn’t respond to my inquiry sent a month ago. I’m kind of getting tired of this whole game. I don’t think I have any subs out except for one at Wicked Alice which was “held over” until the Summer Issue reading period (even though I sent the sub during the Spring reading period) and one that is out at Pedestal, I THINK, however I can not, for the life of me, find that confirmation email and now I’m wondering if that submission was even accepted through their website, I remember having lots of trouble.



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I’m in a serious poetic slump. I’ve received more rejections in the last 2 months than I care to even mention. One zine didn’t even bother sending me a rejection letter, they simply sent me an email informing me that their new issue was up without mention of my submission. One journal won’t respond to an inquiry. Strange, I’ve been happy with what I’ve produced lately. Of course, now, I hate it.

I closed on the house in NC last week and we are partially moved in. I did tons of painting and didn’t realize until afterward that my foyer and sitting room look like a John Deere rider. Green and yellow. F me! I thought it looked good until my husband blurted out “honey, come look – our walls look like a John Deere lawnmower”. Lina’s room is cotton candy pink and we still need to steam wallpaper off of the kitchen and breakfast nook. Wallpaper MUST have been invented by the devil. One more week in VA and I’m outta here. I love Charlotte already.

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